Love this tree!

A little girl had been petting this sheep...her eyes literally rolled back in her head she loved it so much!

One of the only flowers I got on my trip to the park yesterday..It's been colder than usual so there wasn't as many there as I had hoped :(

This is a picture I took of my husband and son (those are his feet you see in the left tube).

I love how hubby is mid air :)

This is a picture of my daughter when we stopped  here

I  took this Friday evening outside my bedroom window.  I love this time of year when our backyard is all in bloom :)

This one is for my friend Olivia who LOVES birds :)

Took this on my way to work! So glad I had my camera!

Took this one on my way home from lucky am I??

An open white Peony from my non-garden


  1. Thanks! When there are just 2 ducks together, they are usually a male & and a female. Oh ya, do you stop and get out of your car on the way to work to take pics? I love them, but how do you have time for that!!!

  2. ahhh is that a boy and girl? Thought maybe just two different kind of ducks...

    Yes..occasionally I do have time to stop and take a picture..ESPECIALLY when I have a new camera to play with :)

  3. Really? We obviously haven't been doing enough duck watching if you didn't know that the brown ones are the girls and the ones with the beautiful green heads are the males. In most bird species the males are the ones with the bright colours and the females are more neutral. Not crows though...did you know that crows are actually very smart birds? lol