Sunday, April 17, 2011


Happy Sunday everyone :)

It's almost 2pm, and it seems like I've already been through a whole day! I've done laundry and dishes and the dreaded ironing.

The weekend seems to be going by way too quickly!

Yesterday my daughter was in a regatta so we were at the lake early..then we had some family and friends over for dinner, birthday cake and a little "apples to apples". Have you ever played that game? We bought it a few weeks ago, and love it :) So easy and so fun...there is always at least one person who laughs until the tears come!

One thing about yesterday that I'm really excited about is this material I bought :)

I think I might use it as a centre panel for a quilt...but who knows..maybe I'll get adventurous and try making a "real" one!

I find the hardest part is picking the colours and patterns..what would you suggest to use with this?

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  1. love it! I just started quilting a couple years ago and really enjoy it!! also love apples to apples it is tons of fun! hugz n blessings.