Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday is the new Friday!

Well, tomorrow is Thursday...but like some of you, it's my Friday :)

Not only is it my Friday..but we are lucky enough at my work to get tomorrow afternoon off! AND I don't mean to rub it in or anything..but I took next Tuesday, Wednesday off as well...which means that yes..I have 6.5 days off for cashing in only 2 days of leave!! Now that's what I call planning!

So, if I have 6.5 days off..what are my big plans you ask?? Ya..ahh nothing. I've got nothing planned.

I have some ideas...

* meet up with my friend Tina to go for a run..probably around the lake..that is one of our favourites

*card making - i'm eager to create a little with my cupcake and owl punch :)

*i'd like to take my camera out early one morning to this lake off the highway we pass on my way to always has this low lying fog/mist and often has a gaggle..of swans (gaggle??)

*dinner with my folks

*finish my taxes (booooo!!)

*catch up a little on my PVR'd General Hospital - yes it is definitely a guilty pleasure (insert embarrassed face here!!)

*figure out how to put tabs on my blog...there are so many things I would like to do with this blog...and although i consider myself computer literate..I am no HTML wiz :(

Anyways, the last time I posted my weekend goals here..I actually stuck to them ..or close to it here's hoping I do the same this time! I'll keep you updated ;)

Oh and p.s - I mailed the quilt off yesterday!


  1. There's plenty of resources available for how to get up and running quick with blogs, and I think yours is great :D

    Taxes = Poo.

    btw, got the card (can't remember if I told you it arrived!) and it looks Awesome!!

    Thanks :D

  2. Thanks _W_ ! I've found a book on HTML that I'm going to reads a little differently..

    Good luck on your upcoming move..make sure you send me your new address :)