Friday, April 8, 2011

The Weekend Plan

Before I get into what my plan is for this weekend, I thought I would introduce you to another member of my family...Garfied.

Garfield is a beautiful cat...but a weird one. She's very skitish and seems to skulk around...she only seems to really like my youngest daughter.

Now, on to my list for this weekend.

1. - CLEAN MY HOUSE - this week has been a crazy one and my house has been neglected..seriously neglected

2. - See if I can rearrange things so that I actually have a craft space..not just my dining room table that I have to clean up all the time - very frustrating when you're in the middle of a project!

3. - Garage sale searching for craft area...I've already got my eye on one just down the street..

4.- RUN - I love to run, and I've been seriously slacking's supposed to rain all weekend though..perfect excuse for me to toss this "ta do" out the window...

5. laundry - including ironing - YUCK :'(

6. more cards

and Finally - THE most important...


I'll let you know on Sunday how this list actually panned out!



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  2. Super cute name for the new family member!