Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work Tomorrow ... Sigh

So today is my last day of my mini vacation. So far, here is what I've been up to..hold on to your hats its VERY exciting...ok I'm lying


Cleaning my son's bathroom - GROSS!


Took my daughter to school and my son to work

Stopped by Winners and picked up something to put up on my newly painted walls :)
and a few things for my BFF's kids to play with when they come to visit in June

Had leftovers...again :(

Tried to figure out my "Favourite Books" page. I love to read, and thought this was a great way for people to see what I've read or am reading..if anything struck their fancy they could just click on it..too easy right?? Wrong. Like I said before, I am no HTML, XHTML, or CSS whiz...and it's clear here as I've been trying to fix this page for 6 days now. Sigh. I have it somewhat worked out..but it's still not showing the secondary link I created to add in books that have been recommended to me but I've yet to read.. I'll figure it out eventually but I'm frustrated!

I also worked on some cards today :) i'm trying to figure out a Mother's day card for my mom. I have to admit I like the mushy ones at the I'm trying to make something special..and different than what I normally give her. I've also started on some water-colouring using the new "Recess" stamp set that is coming out in the Summer Mini..if I finish them tonight I will repost with the pictures :)

I would have continued on with the painting, but the hole in the wall that we discovered and had to patch hasn't dried yet.

Once it's all complete I promise to add a photo of the new entrance way :)

Did I mention that once I got home from Winners I jumped back into my PJ's?? I wish I had taken 2 more days off :'(

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  1. Love Winners!!! and I may have toys you can borrow, Jackie :)