Sunday, May 22, 2011


Once, when my son was young and in Beavers, they took a field trip to a nearby pig farm.  When we got there, I was terrified!  They were HUGE!  Definitely not the "babe" pigs I was expecting!!  I stuck to the very middle of the aisle and tried not to share my fear with my son who really wanted to pet the beasts!!  

On Friday, I forced my friend Olivia to accompany me to a nearby park (I've added a few pictures to "MY PHOTOS".  Here is one of the highlights of our trip....

These pigs were so darn cute.  Poor mama was being followed around by one of them wanting to eat..she finally gave up and headed into the "barn" so she could at least lie down.

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  1. They were so adorable! Thanks for dragging me along!