Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Desk

So we went and checked out that desk my hubby found online...and it looked good for what I wanted it for. Turns out we knew the fellow who was selling it...so he came over and helped set it up.

I spent last night moving my craft stuff downstairs and rearranging. It's not ideal...and certainly not as fabulous as most I've seen on other people's blogs but it is WAY better than having it at my dining room table and having to pack everything up all the time.

So I've invaded the "man cave" as my son like's to call it. But, like I said he's rarely home these days...so now it's the ....I'm not sure what to call it.."woman's den" doesn't sound cool...how about "craft cove"? LOL

Anyways it's set up pretty good, everything is with in reach, and I face the big screen T.V so I can watch all my shows YEY!

Here's a picture

I still have a few things to do...but so far I'm liking the change :)


  1. I love your stamping space! I just have the kitchen table! LOL I am now following you from Stampin' Connection. http://www.stampinchic.com

  2. Thanks Ann! It's working out pretty good :)

  3. congrats on claiming a space for yourself in the 'man cave' and organizing it!