Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Results

Okay, it's Sunday, April 10th. I'm not sure who I was kidding when I set all these "lofty" goals for my weekend.

Today is my baby boy/first born's 19th birthday. I have some serious mixed feelings about today. I look back on the last 19 years and think time has just flown by! Wasn't it just yesterday we were singing along to Barney and Dudley the Dragon? When did he get so big? What happened to those chubby cheeks? When did he go from being cute to handsome?? He used to love hanging around with I can barely get him to stop by the house **SIGH**

To celebrate his birthday, we all got together with Papa and Gramma (P&G - My parents) for dinner. We made him wear a silly paper button that said "it's by birthday, Who's buying"..and had all his loud singing birthday cards opened up...He gets this little sheepish grin on his face...he's embarrassed..but he loves it too.

So here's a picture of my birthday's one of my's from a couple years ago...

Seee I TOLD you he was handsome :)

ANYHOOO..on with how my weekend plan went

* Laundry - a gazillion loads washed, dried AND folded
* Floors - vacuumed and washed
* Dishes - done and put away
* Stove - pulled out and cleaned behind - yuck :(
* New Craft area - found..and cleaned's in the "man cave" YIKES
* New desk for new craft area - found - going to look at it tomorrow...looks promising :)
* Run - epic fail..didn't even seriously consider going..its POURING OUT!
* Cards - didn't even begin...but I did organize my supplies a little better..does that count??
* Sleep - went to bed somewhat early last night..didn't really do my regular sleep in either morning...getting ready for bed tooo bad.

Overall, I think I did pretty good. I'm happy with the house and with my craft area plans.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are rested and ready to face another crazy week!


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  1. Happy 19th Birthday to your handsome son! Your rocked those weekend chores.. Wow, beat me! Can't wait to see what your new desk is going to lok like.